This page provides a selection of key documents, together providing further information about the New Life on the Old West project. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Press release 2018 Jan 08: HLF grants New Life on the Old West project Press release_New Life on the Old West_Project_CACRE_08 Jan 2018

2-page summary briefing on project: NLOW_Briefing


Selection of files as submitted with the stage 1 funding bid_August 2017:

Map of area, with proposed biodiversity enhancement locations:    B_i_Map_1

Map of area, with biodiversity significance information:       B_ii_Map_2

Reasons why this area was chosen:     C_Area_Justification

Project Strategy – Summary:    A_Project_Summary

Overview of Management & Partners:    E_Management_Structure

Audience Types targeted by project:        N_Target_Audiences

Priority species targeted by project:         F_Target_Species

Project Portfolio – with details of the outline plans for the five sub-projects: I_Project_Portfolio

Outline Monitoring & Evaluation Framework:     M_Monitoring_Evaluation_Framework

Community Green Spaces Questionnaire, used for getting local residents’s views:    NLOW_Questionnaire_V2

Community Consultation Results_summary: J_Community_Consultation_Results_Summary

Landscape enhancements planned: H_Proposed_Habitat_Enhancements

Images, showcasing some of the key landscape characteristics and potentials for habitat improvement: 08_Selection_Images

Stretham Old Engine, monumentally placed in the northeastern part of the 'Old West' landscape. Image Cambridgeshire ACRE

Stretham Old Engine, monumentally placed in the northeastern part of the ‘Old West’ landscape. Image Cambridgeshire ACRE